The detail below is intended to expand on and complement the content of the DVD's.

Brainwave Details



The bar graph of the EIL is reflective of the Green Zone of Peak #1 of the double peaked graph. However it is very liberal in terms of its range (i.e. 30-50). In actual fact I have found that the elite players function within a much smaller range. Cam Percy for example plays at his best when his range is between 41-44.

So, as you become much more sophisticated at reading and monitoring your emotional intensity levels you will become much more adept at narrowing your Green Zone. The outcome of this will be that your consistency of play will noticeably improve as will the quality of your best performances.

I use the PAT both on and off the course to challenge the players to function at these high levels. In other words I will have them hit specific shots and if they do not function within the designated parameters, music will suddenly begin to play and they will be then required to go back and start their routine again.

Concentration Focus

If you refer to the PAT printout above, the point at which the black dot has been placed  indicates an area of high quality concentration that is bordering on the elite international levels I have found in testing a range of world and Olympic champions. Their Concentration Focus is sitting close to 90, it is very consistent, little variation is evident. Green vertical lines represent when a player blinks. You will notice there is an absence of green vertical lines through this area. When your concentration is at its higher levels the blink reflex which normally occurs around every 5 seconds, shuts down for a period of time, because of your absorption in the task.

This aspect plays a significant role in your Clutch Pre Shot Routine. Once you have Flipped the Switch on your concentration, if you are totally involved in your targets and the shape and feel of the shot, you will find that your blink reflex will shut down. The point to be noted here is, as I explain to the players, particularly as they walk in to address the ball ("Staying Connected" stage), their role is not to focus on "not blinking". Rather they have to become so absorbed in the target(s), shape and feel for the shot that "not blinking" is a natural outcome.

In the "Clutch Pre Shot Routine (CPSR)" video, the camera specifically focuses on Karrie's eyes as she "Flips the Switch" on her concentration right through to impact. Check out her quality of concentration through her CPSR.

Mental Energy

To the surprise of many people we find that when players are concentrating at high levels they tend to burn very little mental energy. This is related to the mental state that they are in. This is shown in basic terms in the printout and is also characteristic of the Green Zone on your Emotional Intensity Thermometer.

Muscle Tension

Finally as indicated during the Emotional Rollercoaster video presentation, muscle tension is at an optimum level when your emotional intensity is in your Green Zone. In other words, your body will feel athletic, the muscles feeling soft but elastic, capable of stretching smoothly and producing easy fluent power. Inducing and facilitating this athleticism and flow is also a key feature of the "Pulling the Trigger" stage of your "Clutch Pre Shot Routine".


The combination that I'm looking for from the players is:

The correct Emotional Intensity Level range that reflects their personality and natural predispositions which in turn will facilitate:-

  • A high quality of concentration focus that can be sustained from 20-30 secs (i.e. the maximum length for the Clutch Pre Shot Routine).
  • A minimal muscle tension level that facilitates athleticism and
  • The burning of a minimal amount of mental energy.